Ways to Give

OGC funds are primarily from donations, memberships and in kind services.  The majority of the work is done by youth volunteers and young professionals.



Our Generation Cares is accepting donations for its "Youth At Work" programs for the low income and underserved youth of the Long Beach community. Your time and donations make our mission achievable. Thank you for believing in the next generation of urban entrepreneurs and young professionals!

In Person

Donations can be dropped off at OGC3 community center in Long Beach, CA. 



Online link for donations can be emailed or via Paypal (a.danely@ogcareslabs.org)

CashApp & Venmo

Send donations to @ourgenerationcares icare@ourgenerationcares.org

By Mail

Please make checks payable to:

Our Generation Cares

PO BOX 33813

Long Beach, Ca 90832


Purpose. Passion. Motivation. We dedicate our resources and professional support to achieve a secure life for current and future generations. Help us ignite corporate responsibility and create the consciousness to implement inclusive workforce cultures.


At the Center

Volunteer Opportunities


- Share or tag us on social media @ourgenerationcares

- Volunteer your art, music, skills and talent at our community center

- Volunteer at meetings, events, and programs

- Be a Program "Labs Mentor" or guest-speaker

- Attend our monthly meetings

- Register for workshops

- Participate in our OGC Film & Media Projects

- Help us get sponsors and donations

- Work or collaborate with our affiliates to promote equity and inclusion in the varied diverse areas of Long Beach.

- Be an advocate for call to actions, such as, city budget hearings, crucial issues that impact our lives, school and higher education board meetings. 

-Educate our youth on predatory lending, racial profiling, voter suppression, and high expulsions rate of children of color.


At Labs & Venues

Volunteer Opportunities


Get involved and show support to our small business communities by hosting and attending:

- Special events by our "Youth At Work"

- Live shows and vendor pop-ups

- Fundraisers and cross-promotion initiatives 

- Open-Mic and community talent shows

- Collaborate with OGC and nonprofit affiliates to encourage financial literacy, youth mentorship and skills development.

***Artistic, energetic entrepreneurs eager to engage, learn and inspire the youth community wanted!


Become a sponsor and position yourself as an innovative leader. Share your expertise and failures as a business owner, speaker, mentor, student and engage a generation of unique young professionals. Together we can diversify the workforce to create youth engagement, networking, and career development opportunities.


"Entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset driven by relentless passion. It's an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It's a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service, and continuous improvement."

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