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Earth and Space


Leading the Force of Unity and Resilience

With the force of unity and resilience, we join forces to overcome adversity, inspiring a rebellion of care and leadership among the stars. This alliance strengthens our cause, propelling us towards a future where every hero shines with the light of passion and community. Our mission, akin to the noble Jedi, is to foster lifelong learning and mentorship, guiding young stars through a galaxy of opportunities, growth, and change. 



At the heart of OGC, 'Care Different' embodies our dedication to transforming lives through empathy, innovation, and tailored support. It's not just what we do—it's who we are. Committed to uplifting underserved youth, we pioneer programs that ignite passion, foster growth, and empower a new generation to lead with compassion. Let's redefine care together!

By championing innovative solutions and fostering passionate partnerships with youth, we dismantle barriers to progress, paving the way for generations of healing, education, and employment opportunities.
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