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At Our Generation Cares, we are committed to empowering young people to become successful social entrepreneurs. We believe that by providing mentorship, care, and opportunities for change, we can help young people launch their ideas and positively impact their communities and the world. Our philosophy is grounded in the following principles:

Join Our Generation Cares, a movement that empowers and supports young people to launch their ideas and become successful social entrepreneurs.


Our organization has a clear objective: to inspire innovation and ignite passion in underserved youth, ultimately leading to economic recovery in their communities. To achieve this, we have identified the following core goals that we are committed to pursuing:


Develop and implement a comprehensive apprenticeship program that provides occupational skills and entrepreneurial mindset development for underserved youth (ages 14-24), specifically targeting transition-aged youth in the foster care system.


Advocate for youth social justice and break generational barriers to socio-economic equity by creating opportunities for underserved youth to access resources, education, and community support.


Expand our mentorship programs to provide access to caring adults who can guide and support underserved youth in achieving their career and entrepreneurial goals.


Collaborate with businesses and community partners to create unique youth employment opportunities that provide job training and skill development while promoting social innovation and leadership development.


Provide life skill training, including financial literacy and career planning, to help youth develop a career plan and achieve financial stability.


Recognize and celebrate the talent and success of underserved youth in our programs, and empower them to become ambassadors for positive social change in their communities.




Our work involves several key components. One of our main focuses is on apprenticeship intermediaries, which help to bridge the gap between young people and potential employers. We work to develop partnerships with businesses and organizations committed to providing apprenticeship opportunities for underserved youth.



We help match young people with these opportunities based on their skills, interests, and career goals. Through our apprenticeship programs, young people gain valuable hands-on experience and develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen careers.



We work with a network of caring adults committed to mentoring young people and helping them navigate the challenges they may face. Our mentors provide advice, encouragement, and resources to help young people succeed, and they serve as positive role models and advocates for youth social justice.



In addition to our apprenticeship and mentorship programs, we offer life skills and entrepreneurship training. Through these programs, we support young social innovators to develop and launch their own projects and initiatives. We teach young people the practical skills and knowledge they need to manage their finances, build their careers, and  positively impact their communities.


“I gained new insight, support, skills, and a new sense of purpose and motivation to help others in need, not just youth, I’ve realized that all in our community could use a helping hand. We need to stop hoping for more helpful people and be the helpful people.”
OGC squad

Drew Aguilar, 17yrs old

Social Media Manager,

Youth Board Member

"The entrepreneurship training was a game-changer for me. I never thought I could start my own business, but with the support of Our Generation Cares and the practical lessons I learned, I was able to upscale my music production and brand (@NoVanityEnt) which is making a positive impact in my community."
OGC Squad

Miguel Soto, 22 yrs old


Youth Board Member

"OGC's focus on youth financial and health wellness is exactly what we need in today's world. I used to feel overwhelmed and anxious about money and my health, but now I have a better understanding of how to manage both. The workshops and resources provided by OGC have made a huge difference in my life."
OGC squad

Ana Lorenzano, 19yrs old


Youth Board Member

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