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The Essence of Our Mission


At Our Generation Cares, we stand at the crossroads of innovation and compassion, driven by a singular purpose: to transform the lives of underserved and transition-aged youth. Our mission is rooted in a powerful ethos: "Care Different." This philosophy isn't just about what we do; it's about how we do it—by providing opportunities for growth and change that challenge the status quo of care.

Drew Aguilar (18yrs)

Watts, Ca

Elected Youth Board President, my journey with OGC reflects personal growth and a commitment to positive change. OGC inspired me, honing my leadership to serve with empathy and vision.

Ashley Caldera (16yrs)

Long Beach, Ca

In my role as the social media whiz and TikTok lead for OGC, I've amped up our message of care. This chance has seriously leveled up my digital game, turning social platforms into epic tools for making a difference.

Ichiro Mimila (18yrs)

Paramount, Ca 

Before OGC, I was stuck at life's crossroads, fresh out of my first college year and feeling totally lost. Thinking of taking a break, but then, bam! That summer at OGC flipped the script on my future.
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