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Driving Towards Equity: Car and Driver Ed

This program creates systems change for young people by bridging the gap in driver's education access, regardless of their socioeconomic background. With classroom instruction, practical driving lessons using a real-car-driving simulator, and a loaner vehicle for youth to take the DMV test.

Primary Goal:

"Driving Towards Equity: Car and Driver 101" is designed to fill the educational gap left by the absence of auto shop and driver education in many California high schools. It aims to equip all young individuals, including those reentering society, with essential driving skills and automotive knowledge for economic resilience. Central to this goal is the analogy that a vehicle represents more than transportation; it is a key to unlocking opportunities and pathways to success. The program underscores the importance of car safety and maintenance, highlighting the role of responsible ownership in contributing to economic resilience. This initiative operates under the ethos of "Drive Smart, Own Responsibly," ensuring inclusive access to comprehensive driver education.


Secondary Goals:

  • Advocate and educate about youth rights in obtaining proper insurance, tackling challenges youths face in securing affordable insurance, alongside providing insights into car registration.

  • Promote environmental consciousness and advocate for eco-friendly driving practices.

  • Strengthen community bonds through collaborations with local businesses and organizations.

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