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Driving Towards Equity: Car and Driver Ed

This program creates systems change for young people by bridging the gap in driver's education access, regardless of their socioeconomic background. With classroom instruction, practical driving lessons using a real-car-driving simulator, and a loaner vehicle for youth to take the DMV test.

The Car and Driver 101 pilot program is divided into classroom instruction with practical driving lessons and interactive lab hours for demos and group projects. During the classroom instruction, participants will learn about the rules of the road, traffic signs and signals, basic car maintenance, and safe driving practices. We will also provide training in defensive driving techniques, handling emergencies and road rage, and basic troubleshooting skills.


In addition to classroom instruction, we will offer practical driving lessons using a real-car-driving simulator. This will allow participants to practice driving in a safe, controlled environment and experience real-life driving scenarios. The simulator will be programmed with different scenarios, such as driving in various weather conditions, navigating heavy traffic, and handling emergencies.

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